For those of you that don’t know, I am of Italian descent and being Italian meant that food was and still is an integral part of my everyday life.  If I am not eating it, I am thinking about it, talking about it or creating it.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than feeding others, a typical Italian trait.
My relationship with food has been a colourful, culinary journey.  I have fond childhood memories of spending hours in the kitchen in my homemade apron,  my mother insisted I wore an apron whilst I was her sous chef and she loved making the aprons for me.  It is my mothers love of preparing, cooking and sharing food that she has instilled in me.

These moments spent in the kitchen have become part of my life’s rich culinary tapestry, one that has created a passion for everything food related.
These days, with my health conscious lifestyle, I still enjoy all the above but in a more healthy way.

My challenge is to make healthy food delicious, quick and easy.  My biggest challenge is to get my healthy alternatives into my culinary loving Italian folks.  So far, I seem to be winning.  I sneak black beans, avocados, sweet potato and oats into my sweet treats cauliflower, coconut oil and beetroot into savoury dishes without them even realising – this gives me a smug sense of accomplishment and even more so when my mother asks for the recipes!

I haven’t yet convinced them to switch their spaghetti to courgetti but hey, baby steps ….



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