Summer Body Diet… WTF

Beach Body Ready Diet, Wobble to Model (yes it’s true!) Bikini Body Diet, LBD Diet, Wedding Day Slim.  Is it any wonder that women feel so insecure about their bodies???

Our bodies should be “ready” all year round.  A bikini ain’t just for summer and a LBD is not just for special occasions.

Anyone can wear a bikini or a LBD at anytime, it’s about having the confidence to do so, but with the media and diet industry telling us at we aren’t good enough until we put ourselves through one of these extreme diets, it’s hardly surprising our heads get so messed up.

In my most humble opinion, these diets encourage women to crash diet for that “special” event, holiday or occasion.  Instead of putting yourself and your body through the stress of an extreme diet, why not learn to eat a balanced healthy diet with some exercise included, creating a healthy “anytime” ready body and lifestyle.

I know harp on about it, but diets normally indicate depriving yourself of anything you enjoy eating which eventually wear you down before you crack and commence the downward spiral of yo-yo dieting – a slippery slope.

Learn healthy habits and they stay with you for life, after all, a healthy mind and body should be a priority to us all.

Remember, a bikini body isn’t just for summer …



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