Amongst some of the food trends and one that increasingly seems to be more and popular, is the lean towards a high fat diet.  Now you know that I am a believer in not cutting out any food groups from your diet unless for health or medical reasons, but I can tell you that the evidence in the benefits of a high fat diet is pretty concrete.  Now don’t let that  be an excuse to run out and stock up on all your fatty favourites without doing some research first.  If you are thinking of going high fat, you really need to understand the benefits, how it works and more importantly if it’s right for you.  High fat means low carb and lower protein so your body uses fat as energy rather than storing it in your body.  Go high fat and keep all your carbs in and you are setting yourself up for trouble and excess baggage, so to speak.

There is heaps of info online if you want to learn about the benefits of high fat, but what I can tell you is that it works really well for me and so many other individuals but you have to make the right choices in fat with the right ratio of carbohydrates and protein to see the  great health benefits.

One of my favourite ways to get good fats in my diet is with coconut oil, nuts, avocados and ghee.  If you love the taste of butter, ghee is the butteryiest (if that’s even a word!) of butter tastes and then some.  Make sure you choose a grass fed variety and preferably organic.  I recently stumbled upon Happy Butter, award winning, organic ghee and their unbelievably good Golden Ghee which has added turmeric, perfect for a turmeric latte.  If you get a chance, try it, it’s AMAZING!  I will pop a couple of recipes on my blog and Instagram over the next few weeks using these great products.

Switching to high fats, remarkably,  keeps you feeling fuller longer and seems to keep the sugar cravings at bay due to the lack of carbohydrates you’ll be consuming and the dreaded insulin spikes that come with carbs.  

My skin, hair, concentration and energy levels has improved enormously which is another added benefit of going high fat, but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself…



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