Coffee goes in and the brain immediately blocks adenosine, the calming chemical in the brain.  This is why we are all advised not to drink coffee before bed, the time when our bodies need to relax to ensure a good night’s sleep.

As I have mentioned to you, I had NEVER even had a sip of coffee until last year in August just before prepping for a competition.  I think that the lack of taste and flavour in my diet had me craving strong, punchy flavours.  In stepped chilli and caffeine and my love affair began.

We’ve had our ups and downs, mainly whilst I was learning and understanding how much is too much.  Errr a triple espresso before a workout is definitely too much for anyone but especially for a coffee virgin and often had me close to cardiac arrest and wanting to lie in foetal position for the rest of the day!!!  So I now seem to have found my coffee balance and limits and life seems great…

On a serious note, coffee, like many drugs can be addictive, mainly because your body adapts to the amount you consume and soon requires more for you to get a “buzz” from it.

If you don’t limit your caffeine consumption, your body just keeps blocking adenosine and long term, this is really difficult for our bodies to correct without help.  Too much caffeine can result in erratic heart patterns, increased production of adrenaline, dilated pupils and anxiety as well as difficulty in focusing and sleeping.  Keep yourself in check and manage the caffeine habit.  If you HAVE to have the first cup of coffee before you can even get started first thing in the morning, the chances are you are probably on the slippery slope and may need to wean yourself off for a while…



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