6 Step Starter

I am here to educate you with my experience, knowledge and skills, the rest is down to you.  By following a few simple steps, together anything is achievable.

There is no short cut, magic pill or easy solution to reaching your goals.  By making some simple changes and adopting a new mindset your target will become achievable and your long term gains will be sustainable.

1) DISCIPLINE –  whilst I can discipline my clients on line and in gym and outdoor PT sessions, the rest is down to you.  By remembering the 30/70 rule you will see huge results that will carry you through to the end.  Remember 30% of change is made through exercise and 70% is made through the right nutritional choices.

2) COMMITMENT– When starting your new fitness journey, be honest with yourself and agree to commit to a better, healthy you.  Without the commitment how are we going to make progress?  Decide what is important to you and prioritise this in your life.  Remember your level of commitment will determine how soon you reach your goals.

3) DEDICATION – This is a key component in success in getting to your fitness destination.  Once an action plan has been agreed by me and my client, I encourage clients to try and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day five times a week to some sort of movement based exercise.  Keeping a food and exercise log are encouraged and are hugely beneficial in monitoring progress.  Studies by Kaiser show that logging food intake was the best predictor in losing weight.

4) CONSISTENCY – Although it is a cliche, consistency really is the key to success. Whilst life throws us challenges and distractions, it really does pay to be consistent.  The most important factor is to be prepared and avoid failure.  As part of my healthy lifestyle methodology, I would encourage  clients to plan meals in advance and would assist you in this.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”

5) ACCOUNTABILITY –  you need to be accountable.  If your program isn’t working, be honest with yourself.  It’s always easy to blame others or use excuses but ultimately it is all about changing your mindset and creating new positive patterns in your life and ultimately finding the new, better version of you.

6) CHALLENGE – Finally,  challenge yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone, after all it hasn’t given you the results you want.  Once you leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself, great things will follow.  So buy yourself a one way ticket out of “comfort zone” and push yourself. Be your own competition and do not compare yourself to anyone else and you will see the results you desire.