Essential Cupboard Kit


This is where the real fun starts.  Time to clear out the spices that have been lingering in the darkest corners for ten years and the herb mixes loaded with sugar and salt and time to bring in the fresh flavours that will take you on a new nutritional adventure. Gone are the sugar and sodium loaded snacks and in with a totally new mindset, you will thank me for it …

My cupboards have some simple go to basics that I use almost everyday.

Porridge Oats – think clean plain oats without added sugar or flavours 

Oatbran– for adding to my porridge or muffins and cakes

Whey protein powder – choose a good brand that offers a variety of flavours.  I love Scitec and LOVE My Protein and their creative flavours as well as other products.

Flavour drops – I get mine from My Protein or Nutri Nick if you prefer Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. Zero sugar zero calories but pack a huge punch on flavour.  These will become your new best friends especially if you have a sweet tooth…

Spices and herbs– I add a herb  mix to all my fish and meat.  Commercial ready made brands tend to be full of sodium and sugars disguised as other names so I prefer to make my own mix.  I use garlic powder as a base then add dried Italian  herbs, paprika and pepper.  I also make a mix using cumin, ras al hanout, cinnamon and garlic powder.  Play around with your favourite flavours.  I keep the mix in a jar ready to go.  I always have a large jar of cinnamon to hand for muffins, sweet omelettes, yoghurt and porridge.
Baking powder – this is for muffins, pancakes and omelettes
Nuts and seeds – great for topping yoghurt and oats
Nutritional yeast – Mari Gold is a great brand
Vegetable Bouillon – low fat and low sodium Mari Gold wins every time for me
I limit my sodium intake but love to use Herbamare which is a fresh herb sea salt and I also use Himalayan pink salt
Coconut oil – this is a cupboard staple
Cacao Powder – always on hand to make all natural sweet treats
PB2 – powdered peanut butter, don’t knock it until you try it.  Other brands are widely available now
Coffee – I try to limit my intake but it is always on hand
Green tea and matcha powder – for all its health benefits.

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