When I ask my clients, especially the female ones what they are trying to achieve through exercise, 90% of the time, the answer is I want to tone up - and why wouldn’t you? The problem lies in the face people make when you dare suggest that to achieve a “toned” body, they will have … Continue reading TONED BODY



We all seem to be subconsciously and subliminally pre-conditioned and programmed by society and by our upbringings. Whilst this can be a good thing, it can also lead to tunnel vision and bad habits and prevents you from doing what you really want to do in a bid to conform to societies ideal of how … Continue reading DEPROGRAM


Exercise, whatever you choose, should be enjoyable, NOT a chore or a punishment for what you have eaten. We've all been there, overindulge on a night out so we punish ourselves with hours of cardio in the hope that we can reverse the damage done whilst punishing our bodies in a bid to teach it … Continue reading EXERCISE AS PUNISHMENT


We are NEVER too old to learn something new.  It's important at all ages to keep the old gray matter functioning at its full capacity. It's really important to incorporate learning a new skill or habit which can benefit us in all areas of our lives.  It enables us to have a wider perspective of … Continue reading LEARN SOMETHING NEW

And Breathe…

It’s a crazy world we live in where everyone seems to be constantly so busy and in a hurry. I include myself in this but I must admit, time or perhaps age has taught me to slow down, take a moment to step back and appreciate life and every little teeny weeny thing it has … Continue reading And Breathe…


Life can be tough for everyone and despite what you see on social media, everyone has their own s**t to deal with.  How you deal with the proverbial c**p will determine the outcome. Your current circumstance is normally just temporary and the key is to focus on making positive changes and create a better life … Continue reading BLAME GAME


Did you know that the skin is the bodies largest organ?  Well you do now and you also have a nugget of information you may be able to use in a pub quiz or on Christmas day during post lunch family games… As well as being a huge organ, it’s also amazing at detecting vitamin … Continue reading SKIN


Amongst some of the food trends and one that increasingly seems to be more and popular, is the lean towards a high fat diet.  Now you know that I am a believer in not cutting out any food groups from your diet unless for health or medical reasons, but I can tell you that the … Continue reading LETS CHEW THE FAT


Our fast paced society has lead so many of us to demand instant reward and gratification.  This culture seems to be spreading at an incredible pace and some of us will resort to anything to get that fast "fix." Sorry to disappoint but there is no easy route or short cut to get to to … Continue reading INSTANT REWARDS


When did you last activate your nuts? Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean when did you last eat activated nuts? Lots of people have problems digesting nuts and a way of getting around this problem is to activate your nuts, an ancient process which releases the digestive enzymes and makes them much … Continue reading NUTTY NUTTER