Essential Kitchen Kit

So you are ready for action and ready to change the way you eat forever.  In the pursuit of nutritional happiness here are some of my recommendations for my essential kitchen kit that have proved indispensable and made my life much easier…

Let’s start with tupperware  – slight obsession of mine and I am a bit of a connoisseur, although where all the lids disappear to will forever remain a mystery to me…  I would suggest buying twelve similar sized ones for prepping and storing food.  These will become an indispensable part of your kitchen kit…
Spiralizer – although it is a new phenomenon,  I have had mine for years from my raw vegan days and still use it constantly.  If your kitchen space is limited go for a mini one like the Geffe one which essentially is like a huge pencil sharpener for veg.

I love my Magi Mix which does everything from slicing to shredding to mixing. If you don’t have the budget, invest in a mandolin which will slice and grate.

Another overused piece of equipment is my blender.  Yes you can go for the daddy all singing all dancing Vitamix, I have the Froothie or you can just go for a regular middle of the range blender.  This will be great for smoothies or soups.

Make sure you have a great non stick sauté pan and a vegetable steamer, I prefer the traditional steamers to the electric ones.

Finally get yourself a set of digital kitchen scales and some silicon muffin cases and a silicon loaf tin.

The list could go on and on and believe me my kitchen has so much in it but let’s be honest, what use is anything if you don’t use it…

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