Body Weight Training Benefits

Our bodies are amazing in so many ways, so why not work out exactly how to use it to get the most out of it?

When you think of weight training, strength training or resistant training you think of gym machines, weights or kettle bells, however, you can utilise your own body weight as resistance.

It sometimes pays to start with bodyweight exercises, especially if you are new to exercise.  It’s a perfect way to practice correct form before adding weights to further improve strength and muscle development.   Press ups, squats and lunges are perfect examples of excellent body weight exercises.  You will become fitter, build muscle and even burn calories with this type of training.

The aim is to keep your body guessing. Mix it up, change your routines on a regular basis.  When you initially start to exercise your body detects physical stress and goes into shock but then your body goes into an adaptation phase which forces muscle fibres to grow stronger to prepare it for future stress caused by exercise.  This is a good stress and if you don’t go crazy and you also allow rest for recovery you will reap the benefits.

Once you learn how to do bodyweight exercises you can literally do them anywhere.  Add in some resistance bands and you will really feel the burn …

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