Why diets fail

Diets are a temporary fix in controlling eating and weight loss and generally ends up in weight gain, simply because extreme low calorie diets are impossible, not to mention unrealistic, to maintain long term. For long and lasting effects we need to achieve a basic understanding of nutrition which will help keep the weight off and develop a healthy relationship with food.  We also need to understand the basic rules of metabolism and hormones.

Our bodies are incredible, intelligent vessels that should never be underestimated.  That said, our bodies cannot differentiate between starvation and diet so low calorie diets may make your body think you are in starvation mode.


The best way to lose weight then, is surely to have a calorie deficit?  Whilst this is correct, most  people go head first and drastically cut calories too fast.  It is much better to cut a small amount of calories and add exercise then slowly coax your body by cutting more calories a little at a time as and when required.

Don’t cut all your carbs as this will leave you feeling low in energy and keep the protein in or you risk losing lean body mass resulting in slower metabolism and ultimately soft flabby bodies, not the desired look right?

Finally, remember you didn’t pile on the pounds in a month so don’t expect magic to happen overnight, patience, hard work, commitment and dedication.  So set some goals, short, medium and long term and go smash them …



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