We have all become obsessed with social media and consumerism.  It has created  a need in us to buy more of what we think we need and covet what others have.  But ask yourself this, does owning “stuff” make you happy?   Perhaps we need to take a moment and understand that it’s not material possessions that define who we are as human beings.

Rather than buying or obsessing over that expensive car, watch or handbag, fill your life with moments, a great holiday a great night out with friends or loved ones making life long memories filled with laughter.

If we spent less time on the hamster wheel, working our butts off to pay for the bigger house, the bigger car living beyond our means in this consumer driven society and more time LIVING, our lives would become so much richer.

Less time spent on social media or reading trashy gossip magazines and watching reality TV, aspiring to completely fake lives, will make you appreciate what you have and understand how rich you already are.

That said, I will continue to buy supplements and trainers and workout wear in bulk – life’s essentials, it’s called balance…



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