We all get stressed from time to time, we are all human but the key to a happy life is learning how to manage that stress before it tips us over the edge.  Stress can lead to mental illness, strokes, heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer.

We all manage our stress in different ways, you just have to find what works for you.  Don’t ignore stress or you will find yourself on a one way journey to meltdown.

How I de-stress and unwind is probably very different to yours but it works for me and it’s in my happy place, the gym and walking the pooch.  The weights area is my sanctuary.  Headphones in, music blaring and I am totally in my happy haven.
I feel strong and totally energised at the end of my session and ready to do battle with whatever my day brings.  It helps my mental health and gives my day and week structure.  I set myself goals and the gym helps me achieve these goals and transfer that mindset  outside of the gym.

Find your happy place and make it part of your daily, weekly routine that will keep you mentally strong.



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