Energy balance is quite simple to define. It simply relates to energy in, in other words calories consumed in food and beverages and energy out, in other words calories being used for energy.

With this in mind  if the amount of energy in is far, far greater than the energy out, then you can expect weight gain.  Whilst the reverse should apply to energy in being far, far less than the energy out, things aren’t always that simple.

A severe amount of energy in, ie calories consumed to energy output’ calories used can cause metabolic and thyroid damage.  If you have a negative energy balance, your body won’t necessarily lead to weight loss but instead your metabolism will slow, your body will hold onto calories as a defence mechanism to protect your body and vital organs.  The trick is to understand your bodies requirements and fuel it adequately.

The best way to figure this out is to speak to a nutrition advisor and get a meal plan put together to make things simple and effective for you.


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