And Breathe…

It’s a crazy world we live in where everyone seems to be constantly so busy and in a hurry. I include myself in this but I must admit, time or perhaps age has taught me to slow down, take a moment to step back and appreciate life and every little teeny weeny thing it has to offer us.  

My stress levels have improved thanks to this new way of thinking.  It has allowed me to prioritise what’s important to me and let go of things that simply aren’t worth losing sleep or time over.

Taking time out, even if it’s only five or ten minutes a day, to be thankful will make you grateful and can give you a warm, fuzzy, positive feeling all over.  We can all make time to appreciate the little things.

Next time you take a walk, open your eyes and look around, it’s amazing what you see but have never noticed because you’ve been so focused on getting somewhere in a hurry.  Guess what, taking that moment won’t make you late but may change your day, for the better…



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