Forget January Sales, who is dreading stepping on the bathroom scales?…

So you over indulged at Christmas?  So did I, guess that makes me human huh?!!

Now is the perfect time to start undoing some of the damage caused by festive excess and whilst it was fun munching on mince pies sipping on prosecco and scoffing choccies it’s time to reset and take control.  Don’t beat yourself up and punish yourself by starving and throwing yourself into exercise panic only to fall off again due to food deprivation and fatigue.  Get a plan in place, a realistic, achievable plan and kick start your 2017 regime.

Start by committing to dry January which will immediately save you calories and your waist line …

Next step is to take a good long look in your fridge and your cupboards.  Get rid of anything unhealthy left over from Christmas or anything that is your weakness.  Let’s aim to detox your fridge and cupboards and make the right choices.  I would get my Food Fairy to approve the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff and look at logging your food in a food diary or by using an app like My Fitness Pal or Fit Day.  I know this may seem tedious but by logging everything you eat, you become really mindful of what you put in your mouth.

Learn how to read food labels – “low fat” normally indicates high sugar/salt.

Make the right choices and you will reap the health rewards.




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