For so many years, the diet industry has encouraged us to count calories which has made us lose track of which nutrients are important for our body, after all a diet of veg or fruit only without essential fats etc can be quite damaging.

Calorie counting was firstly discovered by Scientist Wilbur Atwater and although it has its place it doesn’t really encourage you to make the right choices with regards to the quality of the food.

Some foods require more calories to digest them, for example unrefined, natural unprocessed foods as well as the all important protein. In other words not all calories are created equal.

Calorie dense foods like avocados and nuts and nut butter, although high in calories are also nutrient dense and contain essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.
I have personally seen the best results when I use a food app which allows me to track the nutrients I consume.  Obviously, all our goals are very different but fundamentally if we follow a nutritionally balanced diet you will stay in optimal health.  The food standards agency, FSA,  suggest minimum 50% of calories from carbohydrates, maximum 35% of total calories from fat and a minimum of 55 grams of protein per day or 9-12% of total calories.  These are recommendations but should be tailored to an individual’s precise goals and needs.

When looking at food labels you should understand the difference between saturated fat, the baddie and unsaturated fat as well as carbs and carbs from sugars.  Learn the label basics and you are rocking and rolling …

So download an app like My Fitness Pal or Fit Day and start tracking your nutrients…



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