The thing I hear most often from people trying to clean up their lifestyle  and take a new and healthy approach, is that the cost of eating healthy is so expensive.  Part of this problem is that if you want to take your journey seriously, you want to buy great fresh produce and preferably, organic, … Continue reading CLEAN AND MEAN 18


It seems these days, trying to live a healthy lifestyle comes at a considerable cost to individuals whilst choosing an unhealthy route gets rewarded with all kinds of benefits.  If you want to eat organic food, there comes a high price.  If you want to buy supplements to support your healthy lifestyle, your are taxed … Continue reading TAX ON SUPPS


I think by now, we all have a handle of the power of protein and all its health benefits but which one should you choose?  It really is a matter of personal choice and preference but hopefully I can shed some light on this for you. Up until two years ago, I chose a predominantly … Continue reading WHEY vs PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER


We so often rely on salt to flavour our food, more often due to habit but why not try using fresh herbs and spices instead?  As well as pimping up your otherwise bland meal with delicious fragrant herbs and spices, some of these are also said to have wonderful healing properties. Cumin is said to … Continue reading HERBS THAT HEAL


Whilst world famine is a huge problem, particularly in developing countries, use by and sell by dates in the western world are causing vast amounts of unnecessary food waste.  This surely is a problem that needs to be addressed. Whilst we can't change the worlds famine problem overnight, we can have a conscience and make … Continue reading USE BY/SELL BY/BEST BEFORE


I get a lot of stick from so many of friends because of my obsession with kitchen gadgets, especially my indispensable kitchen scales.  Yes I do weigh my food, but really it's through habit and my OCD/perfectionist tendencies. Portion size does matter!  However, research has shown that often its illusion based, big plates, which are … Continue reading SCALE OBSSESED


No doubt, if you are into fitness, you will have heard this term from time to time.  What is it and what does it mean?  Also often referred to IIFYM - if it fits your macros.  Remember macros are macronutrients  i.e PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS. In regular "diets" you will be encouraged to count calories … Continue reading FLEXIBLE DIETING


With government guidelines now recommending we consume ten portions of fruit and veg a day, we need to work out ways of getting them into our food in lots of ingenious and sneaky ways, especially  when it comes to kids.  I know it sounds like a huge amount to consume daily but it really isn't.  … Continue reading SNEAKY VEG


When embarking on a fitness journey it's really important to establish your goals.  For some this will mean losing weight, for some it's maintenance and for others, like me, the goal is looking to build muscle. Once your goals have been determined, it's time to look at your nutrition, the key to reaching goals and … Continue reading EATING FOR YOUR GOALS


It's not just a buzz word or a new diet craze, it's fact.  Having your food prepped and ready to eat keeps you completely on track.  Allow yourself two nights a week to prep 3 days meals in advance and keep a day as a social day to enjoy meals with friends and family. Make … Continue reading FOOD PREP