The thing I hear most often from people trying to clean up their lifestyle and take a new and healthy approach, is that the cost of eating healthy is so expensive. Part of this problem is that if you want to take your journey seriously, you want to buy great fresh produce and preferably, organic, pesticide free foods. Most supermarkets now have an organic section and there are also specialist organic shops popping up everywhere.

But here’s what you need to know, when you shop for your fruit and veg, there’s an official list a kinda bible for what to buy and not to buy organic, based on the amount of toxic pesticides they contain. The list in the USA is known as the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

The UK equivalent is known as Clean 18 and refers to fruit and veg that have the least amount of pesticides so are acceptable to buy non organic whereas the Mean 18 are doused in awful toxic pesticides so really should be avoided. If you are buying out of season, the chances are the produce has been grown in unnatural environments with lots of chemicals involved.

I have included the list of the Clean18 and Mean 18 below. Print it off it stick it on your fridge or memorise it, take it shopping with you and get saving your pennies whilst getting healthy…




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