So as you probably know by now, I have been trialing a ketogenic diet for a few months, not for weight loss or weight management but upon researching its benefits for the symptoms during menopause. The traditional treatments apply a one size fits all approach to treatment of menopause, something that I really don’t agree … Continue reading KETO AND ME



A bold statement it may be, but in my humble opinion it is.  I could say “the end” right now but I feel I owe you my explanation and to enlighten you all whilst I hopefully turn some of you into Coconut Superfans. Coconuts, despite what their name may imply, are actually fruits not nuts. … Continue reading COCONUT IS LIFE


Amongst some of the food trends and one that increasingly seems to be more and popular, is the lean towards a high fat diet.  Now you know that I am a believer in not cutting out any food groups from your diet unless for health or medical reasons, but I can tell you that the … Continue reading LETS CHEW THE FAT


When did you last activate your nuts? Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean when did you last eat activated nuts? Lots of people have problems digesting nuts and a way of getting around this problem is to activate your nuts, an ancient process which releases the digestive enzymes and makes them much … Continue reading NUTTY NUTTER


I think you all know how much I LOVE peanut butter or any nut butter or anything with peanut butter added.  It's my crack, and I know many of you can relate to this.  Purely in the interest of research and completely against my will, I have worked my way through every brand on the … Continue reading PEANUT BUTTER


As a health, fitness and food fanatic, I feel it's my moral duty to bring you up to speed in what’s new, what’s healthy, what's tasty and what’s a MUST in the world of great culinary produce with great nutritional value. In my quest to bring you great ideas, culinary inspiration, taste explosions and the … Continue reading WHAT’S NEW?…


Yes it happens to us all and could well be the reason we aren't hitting your health and fitness targets.  That extra handful of nuts that you are snacking on or the extra glug of oil you are free pouring on your salad may well be sabotaging your goals. My weakness as you all know … Continue reading EATING AMNESIA


Everyone wants them but not everyone is prepared to do what they need to achieve them.  The truth is if you LOVE chocolate, cakes, beer, wine, ice cream, chips blah blah blah abs may not be for you.  Of course there are the genetically gifted, yes we loathe them! They are normally blessed with ridiculously … Continue reading ABS


The thing I hear most often from people trying to clean up their lifestyle and take a new and healthy approach, is that the cost of eating healthy is so expensive. Part of this problem is that if you want to take your journey seriously, you want to buy great fresh produce and preferably, organic, … Continue reading CLEAN AND MEAN 18