Did you know that the skin is the bodies largest organ?  Well you do now and you also have a nugget of information you may be able to use in a pub quiz or on Christmas day during post lunch family games…

As well as being a huge organ, it’s also amazing at detecting vitamin deficiency.  You can use vitamins to supplement these naturally, which would always be my first choice.

Here are some more “nuggets” you may find useful in determining what’s actually causing some of these common problems and how to try and remedy them.  Of course, you can get these vitamins from your food but it may not be quite the quantity you need to improve the conditions.

  • Dandruff – try a zinc supplement
  • Psoriasis – vitamin D
  • Acne – zinc and vitamin C
  • Eczema – probiotics and good fats
  • Dry skin -vitamin A, C and try increasing your water intake
  • Bumps on arms- vitamin A and zinc and often indicates an intolerance to gluten
  • Dermatitis -vitamin B6 & B3
  • Coldsores – Vitamin E, B6 & B3
  • Ageing skin – COQ10, vitamin E & C



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