So as you probably know by now, I have been trialing a ketogenic diet for a few months, not for weight loss or weight management but upon researching its benefits for the symptoms during menopause. The traditional treatments apply a one size fits all approach to treatment of menopause, something that I really don’t agree … Continue reading KETO AND ME



I hope this has you drooling….. As you probably know by now, I am a complete foodie and love nothing more than creating new recipes.  I spend hours researching them and always try to add my twist wherever possible make them healthy but still delicious.  When you are trying to be healthy, you still want … Continue reading ARTISAN LEGENDS


Did you know that a healthy human brain is made up of almost 10% omega-3?  Try and remember that fact for those pub quizzes… Omega-3 is essential for long term brain power and by eating oily fish like salmon and mackerel, you can gain some positive effects on the old grey matter and brain enhancement. … Continue reading OMEGA-3


We’ve all been there, it’s the afternoon and you’ve been at your desk since 9am up since 7am and feeling the dreaded afternoon slump.  All you want is a quick pick me up and coffee isn’t going to hit the spot so reach for the chocolate bar or the buttery sugar loaded biscuits and its … Continue reading SUGAR RUSH


A bold statement it may be, but in my humble opinion it is.  I could say “the end” right now but I feel I owe you my explanation and to enlighten you all whilst I hopefully turn some of you into Coconut Superfans. Coconuts, despite what their name may imply, are actually fruits not nuts. … Continue reading COCONUT IS LIFE


Amongst some of the food trends and one that increasingly seems to be more and popular, is the lean towards a high fat diet.  Now you know that I am a believer in not cutting out any food groups from your diet unless for health or medical reasons, but I can tell you that the … Continue reading LETS CHEW THE FAT


When did you last activate your nuts? Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean when did you last eat activated nuts? Lots of people have problems digesting nuts and a way of getting around this problem is to activate your nuts, an ancient process which releases the digestive enzymes and makes them much … Continue reading NUTTY NUTTER


I think you all know how much I LOVE peanut butter or any nut butter or anything with peanut butter added.  It's my crack, and I know many of you can relate to this.  Purely in the interest of research and completely against my will, I have worked my way through every brand on the … Continue reading PEANUT BUTTER


As a health, fitness and food fanatic, I feel it's my moral duty to bring you up to speed in what’s new, what’s healthy, what's tasty and what’s a MUST in the world of great culinary produce with great nutritional value. In my quest to bring you great ideas, culinary inspiration, taste explosions and the … Continue reading WHAT’S NEW?…