I hope this has you drooling…..

As you probably know by now, I am a complete foodie and love nothing more than creating new recipes.  I spend hours researching them and always try to add my twist wherever possible make them healthy but still delicious.  When you are trying to be healthy, you still want punchy flavours in everything you eat because bland and boring just won’t cut it…life’s too short!

I am always on the look out for new, exciting products made by artisans with a passion for quality produce to add that punch to my grub, so when I find something that delivers all this ..and then some, I feel it’s my moral duty to share the love.

Today was my cheat day so I always need it to be epic.. and epic is what I got thanks to the delicious chicken enchiladas pimped up with strawberry chipotle sauce by Sweet Beet.  I stumbled across their range at a food fair in the summer and they got me hook line and sinker!!!sbstrawb

They have a great website with some AMAZING recipes, I’m slowly working my way through them and promise I’ll post the results for you to all drool over.

I love to champion the underdogs that are thinking outside the box and delivering high quality, lovingly made produce.

Check out Sweet Beets product range on:

Click image for recipe


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