From deciding what career path to take to choosing where to live or deciding on where to holiday,  EVERYTHING can be a challenge.  But don’t get stressed over decisions, rather see them as opportunities that map out your life.  Challenges in life really can be a good thing sent to test our characters..  They can shape who we are and give us strength to take on anything.

Try not to rush into making decisions.  Take your time to assess and evaluate all situations, weighing up your options.  Consult friends and family and share the load of decision making  

If you make a monumental f**k up of a decision, don’t sweat, you are only human  Join the army of people that have also messed up, but guess what?  Challenges are preparing us for something new and exciting.  You will survive and hey, you’ll probably look back and laugh – it’s all part of our life’s rich tapestry…




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