A bold statement it may be, but in my humble opinion it is.  I could say “the end” right now but I feel I owe you my explanation and to enlighten you all whilst I hopefully turn some of you into Coconut Superfans.

Coconuts, despite what their name may imply, are actually fruits not nuts.  Naturally high in fat but low in sugars, coconuts are also high in magnesium and potassium, as well as many other vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

This fab fruit is the gift that keeps on giving, in fact, if I were stuck on a desert island with nothing but coconut trees, I would be one happy, happy bunny, well at least once I’d figured out how to climb the trees and open the coconuts!  I could extract coconut oil from the coconut which has a million uses, moisturiser, make-up remover, hair conditioner, sun lotion, cooking oil and spread as well as the coconut water which is great for hydrating your body.  We get coconut cream for cooking as well as coconut manna otherwise known as cocoa butter,  which is pure dried coconut flesh.  The flesh also gets turned into jerky and chips.  We get coconut sugar which is a great replacement for refined sugar, from the coconut as well as coconut nectar and thanks to my friends over at Coconut Merchant, I have now been introduced to coconut jam and coconut vinegar.

The coconut doesn’t stop there!  The husk is used to make rope, brushes, mats, sacks and stuffing for mattresses.

The leaves are used for brooms, baskets and roofing and to weave baskets.  And there’s more,  the wood from the trees is used as a building material in the tropics.  The shells are used to make bowls and if you want any further uses for the shells, how about making a bikini top, perfect for when I get stranded on that desert island…

So now you understand why I am a complete coco- NUT and simply couldn’t live without it.


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