So many of us are striving to be perfect and it can become all consuming.  We are all human and are allowed bad days, this doesn’t make us a lesser man or less than perfect.

Perfect – think about that very word.  What you see as perfect may be the polar opposite to what I or anyone else may see as perfect.  I suppose like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

If we spend less time seeking perfection, we get to enjoy our lives a little more.  Ditch the magazines, switch off of social media for a while, the main culprits of our obsession with perfection.  Take control of your life and don’t allow the media to brainwash your perception of their view of perfection.  The messages we are drip fed give us, especially women, a warped view of perfection, something that is trickling down to the younger generations, where insecurities begin and continue into later life.

If you are constantly striving for perfection, and believe me, I have my moments where all I focus on is perfection, take control of your life and re-evaluate what’s really important..  Ask yourself why you are striving for something that to all intents and purposes, you may already have but are  just so focused on someone else’s idea of perfect, that you don’t even see it yourself.  I guess being comfortable in your own skin, which I really believe comes with age, helps you appreciate what you have and you learn to be content with that, after all what is perfect anyway???….



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