We’ve all been there, it’s the afternoon and you’ve been at your desk since 9am up since 7am and feeling the dreaded afternoon slump.  All you want is a quick pick me up and coffee isn’t going to hit the spot so reach for the chocolate bar or the buttery sugar loaded biscuits and its superpowers soon transport you to apparent magical elevated sugar high.  But lets face it, we all know the high is relatively short lived and soon has you feeling slightly lack lustre again.

So what’s your option?  I have said it once and I’ll say it again eat little and often and make your meals nutrient dense.  Going long periods without meals are the main reason you end up craving snacks, this along with making the wrong food choices are all contributory factors in the energy slumps.

Get the right nutrition mix of carbs to fat to protein and your energy levels will turn you into a superhuman firing on all cylinders at all times and not craving sugary s**t to keep pick you up.  

If you do want to have a chocolate fix or a sweet fix, there are so many healthy options that don’t contain crack, err I mean sugar – actually all jokes aside, it’s been scientifically proven that sugar is as addictive as cocaine and a hell of alot easier to buy, not to mention cheaper and it’s in EVERYTHING…



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