As a health, fitness and food fanatic, I feel it’s my moral duty to bring you up to speed in what’s new, what’s healthy, what’s tasty and what’s a MUST in the world of great culinary produce with great nutritional value.

In my quest to bring you great ideas, culinary inspiration, taste explosions and the latest in fitness and health crazes, I spend a lot of my time researching these areas. I try and visit as many expos as possible – I know many of you can’t make it to these events yourselves, so I aim to report back to you as much useful info as I can. Sadly for me (excuse the note of sarcasm here) I get to taste lots of foods, sometimes against my will, so I can bring you an unbiased view of what’s hot and what’s not, literally! I mean seriously, I didn’t want the chocolate covered almonds or the chocolate covered liquorice but I felt compelled to try them for YOU…(p.s they really didn’t disappoint!)

Grace & I  - www.graceandi.com
Grace & I

With all this in mind, I am going to spend the next few days bringing you some of the innovative new products that I found at the Speciality and Fine Food Exhibition. Here I had the pleasure of meeting some great artisan producers of some truly fantastic products who I believe are creating something unique, delicious products. Spice Drops a great product that adds a flavour kick to food and drink. Octo Chocolate created in Poland, a raw, vegan, organic chocolate sweetened with coconut blossom sugar and truly are the most sublime indulgent chocolates I have EVER tasted. Powter’s delicious sausages and Pic’s peanut butter, because I need more peanut butter in my life to feed my addiction! Flora tea which are the most beautiful hand tied green teas that bloom into a flower display when you pour hot water on them. Maria’s Skinny Sauce Company chilli sauce was a winner for me and had no added nasties. Haupt Laktris blew me away with their sublime Swedish artisan liquorice in some truly innovative flavours and Ouse Valley Foods had a beautiful stand showcasing some of their amazing jams, marmalades, jelly’s and chutneys all displayed beautifully with stunning lights turning them into works of art. Eat Boundless activated nuts launched their product at this event with a truly stunning stand with the founder boundless energy to match, I see big things for this delicious snack.


I want to champion the underdogs, the triers, the innovators and entrepreneurs and if you can, I encourage you to do the same. Some of these products are brand new to the market but they all have one thing in common, they are all made by people who are passionate about what they do and are committed to bringing you top quality products with great provenance and I believe this passion shines through in their products.

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