I think you all know how much I LOVE peanut butter or any nut butter or anything with peanut butter added.  It’s my crack, and I know many of you can relate to this.  Purely in the interest of research and completely against my will, I have worked my way through every brand on the UK market – I know, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Fortunately for me, at this stage, I am following a keto nutritional plan which has me consuming a high fat diet – hello nut butter, good bye low fat anything.

Now let me give you a heads up on my crack (no pun intended!).  Peanut butter is a combination of fibre, fat and protein which has the benefit of keeping you fuller longer so it’s great for dieters.

One serving of peanut butter, has around 15gms, has Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and B6.  Researchers believe it peanut butter can help decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions.  It can lower the risk of colon cancer in women and helps protect against Alzheimer’s.  All big claims from this yummy little, creamy jar of deliciousness.

When it comes to my favourite brand, as I mentioned, I have tried them all and picking my favourite would be like choosing a favourite child.  My eyes however, were opened recently when I was introduced to the lesser known brand Pic’s made from high oleic Aussie nuts, which have 25% more good fats than non oleic nuts.   I have to be honest, I wasn’t immediately drawn to the jars on the shelves, but boy, I soon realised what I have been missing and at the same time learnt an important lesson, NEVER judge a peanut butter by its cover.  This schnizzle is the absolute dogs dangly bits.  Absolutely no added nasties or hidden sugars.  This stuff needs nothing other than itself to win you over in the taste department.  First made in a concrete mixer before refining its production methods – love that part of the story!  I can confirm Pic’s may be the new kid on the UK block but its made its way to the prime position of my cupboard and into my heart and crack addiction but ssshhhh don’t tell the other nut butters…

Pic’s you have changed my life…


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