When did you last activate your nuts? Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean when did you last eat activated nuts? Lots of people have problems digesting nuts and a way of getting around this problem is to activate your nuts, an ancient process which releases the digestive enzymes and makes them much kinder on our tummies.

The activation process is done by first soaking the nuts then dehydrating them for around 20 hours. You can roast them on a very low heat but to retain all the nutrients, the best way to do this is to use a dehydrator, one of the many gadgets I have in my kitchen. My Exhalibur dehydrator and I have had a long love affair that started when I was eating raw vegan food. Nowadays it still gets use but more for fruit, nuts, kale and jerky.

Activated nuts really are a saviour for those of you that have digestive disorders like IBS, coelliac’s or anyone with leaky gut syndrome. Eating large amounts of raw nuts may place extra strain on your digestive system and may cause things like bloating, cramping and nausea. By activating your nuts, you not only enhance absorption of nutrients but also improve digestion.

Whist I was at a recent show I met a Cathy and Talia lovely, bubbly pair of energy balls. Cathy, who due to her leaky gut syndrome, decided to create her own brand of activated nuts and seeds. It appears she also has a love affair with a dehydrator, although I think hers may be slightly bigger than mine! Her nuts are definitely tastier than mine and the good news is you can all get your hands on her nuts and seeds by going to



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