Everyone wants them but not everyone is prepared to do what they need to achieve them.  The truth is if you LOVE chocolate, cakes, beer, wine, ice cream, chips blah blah blah abs may not be for you.  Of course there are the genetically gifted, yes we loathe them! They are normally blessed with ridiculously high metabolism.

The truth of matter is, no amount of crunches, sit ups or core work will bring your abs out of hiding if you aren’t  prepared to take control of your nutrition.  Low body fat is key and DISCIPLINE with your nutrition will be your best friend in the battle with the abs.

As someone who has competed, I know all too well the struggle of holding on to a washboard stomach all year round but that’s ok, you know why? I want to have a life and don’t want to focus simply on a six pack but more on being fit, strong and healthy.

Although I love my six pack when it comes out of hibernation, I am also realistic and I know that keeping that six pack demands hard work and precision with nutrition and no margin for error.. oh and NO social life.

Now let me ask you, much do you really want that six pack???



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