Coffee goes in and the brain immediately blocks adenosine, the calming chemical in the brain.  This is why we are all advised not to drink coffee before bed, the time when our bodies need to relax to ensure a good night’s sleep. As I have mentioned to you, I had NEVER even had a sip … Continue reading CAFFEINE



I, along with so many other fitness professionals will have different views on what exercise is best for us.  What I think we will all agree on, is how important nutrition is in the overall journey to reaching your physical goals. Now we all know that cardio is hardio and nobody really likes to do … Continue reading CARDIO/HARDIO


When I ask my clients, especially the female ones what they are trying to achieve through exercise, 90% of the time, the answer is I want to tone up - and why wouldn’t you? The problem lies in the face people make when you dare suggest that to achieve a “toned” body, they will have … Continue reading TONED BODY


Everyone wants them but not everyone is prepared to do what they need to achieve them.  The truth is if you LOVE chocolate, cakes, beer, wine, ice cream, chips blah blah blah abs may not be for you.  Of course there are the genetically gifted, yes we loathe them! They are normally blessed with ridiculously … Continue reading ABS


It seems these days, trying to live a healthy lifestyle comes at a considerable cost to individuals whilst choosing an unhealthy route gets rewarded with all kinds of benefits.  If you want to eat organic food, there comes a high price.  If you want to buy supplements to support your healthy lifestyle, your are taxed … Continue reading TAX ON SUPPS


I think by now, we all have a handle of the power of protein and all its health benefits but which one should you choose?  It really is a matter of personal choice and preference but hopefully I can shed some light on this for you. Up until two years ago, I chose a predominantly … Continue reading WHEY vs PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER


You may have heard the phrase and really it is true -  and can be said of so many things in your life. When referring to physical exercise, put quite simply, when you work your muscles in exercise you build strength also known as  hypertrophy and conversely,  if you stop using your muscles you lose … Continue reading USE IT OR LOSE IT


When starting your fitness journey, your main focus should be on HEALTH and FITNESS not just weight loss.  Don't look for quick fixes as these don't  last long term and ultimately, lead to failure due to their unsustainability. If you focus on gaining control of your health rather than losing weight for a special occasion, … Continue reading NO QUICK FIX


The hardest barrier to overcome when thinking of getting fit and healthier is the prospect of stepping into an often male dominated sweaty gym.  It can be so daunting if you feel overweight or uncomfortable to begin with and your goals feel so unattainable. One simple thing to remember is EVERYONE starts somewhere.  I remember … Continue reading FITNESS FEAR


I thrive on setting myself challenges and smashing them in all areas of my life be it in my work, gym goals, or deadlines.  Seeing the process come to fruition is the most rewarding and satisfying thing ever. I have talked about different types of exercises like HIIT and steady state cardio but another method … Continue reading CHALLENGE YOURSELF