I thrive on setting myself challenges and smashing them in all areas of my life be it in my work, gym goals, or deadlines.  Seeing the process come to fruition is the most rewarding and satisfying thing ever.

I have talked about different types of exercises like HIIT and steady state cardio but another method that I love is AMRAP which is a form of HIIT but a killer.  It stands for “as many reps as possible.”  This is a fab way to really push and challenge yourself.  This form of exercise has the added benefit of targeting you whole body using specific exercises until failure then repeating the circuit again as with little title rest between circuits as possible.

These sessions will melt away the fat and have you sweating beyond belief.  The added benefit to these sessions is they target muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness simultaneously.

Why not set yourself an AMRAP challenge with as many burpees until failure then as many squats as possible until failure followed by skipping rope until failure and repeat for twenty minutes.  Try to rest as little as possible between rounds.  Log your times to track your progress, you will be amazed at how quickly you improve your times and fitness level.

Don’t be gentle on yourself, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH and take yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you feel brave enough, add in jump squats and push ups.  Are you brave enough to take the challenge???…

Demos will be going up on the website very soon.


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