I know it’s something I have mentioned quite a lot before, but when we embark on a new health and fitness regime it’s so easy to get caught up with the reading on the scales.  This is NOT the most important number.  It’s far more important to focus on inch loss which is essentially fat loss.

Log your weight and measurements at the start of the program and check yourself in each week to keep you focused and on track and keep a photo diary.  We get used to looking at ourselves and don’t notice changes in the mirror but the camera doesn’t lie.

Measurements I hear you you say!  Where do you start with this?  Here is a quick guide on taking measurements, so grab yourself a tape measure…
Chest – measure from the fullest part of your bust/chest under your armpits
Waist – your natural waistline is where a belt would sit, just above your belly button
Hips – this measurement is taken from the largest part of your buttock and all the way around
Thigh – always measure at the fullest part of your thigh
Mid thigh – this measurement is just above your knee
Upper arm – this again is taken at the widest point of you arm

Try to remember this simple guide each time you take measurements.  These measurements will be the best indicator of your success.  So if the scales don’t move drastically but the inches are coming off you know you are doing something right…

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