The truth is, we are often our own worst enemies.  We lack the confidence and belief in ourselves and this can hamper us in all areas of our lives from that big promotion at work, finding the right partner, to reaching our fitness goals.   Believe you can achieve ANYTHING and you will.  Mindset is … Continue reading WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?


I, along with so many other fitness professionals will have different views on what exercise is best for us.  What I think we will all agree on, is how important nutrition is in the overall journey to reaching your physical goals. Now we all know that cardio is hardio and nobody really likes to do … Continue reading CARDIO/HARDIO


When I ask my clients, especially the female ones what they are trying to achieve through exercise, 90% of the time, the answer is I want to tone up - and why wouldn’t you? The problem lies in the face people make when you dare suggest that to achieve a “toned” body, they will have … Continue reading TONED BODY


Motivation is a key factor in staying the course. Easier said than done right? Don't worry, we all lack motivation sometimes, be that to exercise or to eat the good stuff.  It's really difficult in the beginning when everything is new and you are still getting your head around your new lifestyle.  So let's look … Continue reading LACKING MOTIVATION???


I thrive on setting myself challenges and smashing them in all areas of my life be it in my work, gym goals, or deadlines.  Seeing the process come to fruition is the most rewarding and satisfying thing ever. I have talked about different types of exercises like HIIT and steady state cardio but another method … Continue reading CHALLENGE YOURSELF


I know it's something I have mentioned quite a lot before, but when we embark on a new health and fitness regime it's so easy to get caught up with the reading on the scales.  This is NOT the most important number.  It's far more important to focus on inch loss which is essentially fat … Continue reading INCHES NOT SCALES


This is a great exercise to incorporate regularly into your fitness regime.  It can improve your posture and flexibility and is spot on for strengthening the core and upper and lower body, including your glutes and hamstrings.  It sculpts your waistline and massively improves your balance. It must be performed correctly for maximum benefits.n there … Continue reading PLANKING

Summer Body Diet… WTF

Beach Body Ready Diet, Wobble to Model (yes it's true!) Bikini Body Diet, LBD Diet, Wedding Day Slim.  Is it any wonder that women feel so insecure about their bodies??? Our bodies should be "ready" all year round.  A bikini ain't just for summer and a LBD is not just for special occasions. Anyone can … Continue reading Summer Body Diet… WTF

HIIT Training

HIIT  really is very time efficient form of exercise which  boosts metabolism by burning more calories through intense dynamic workouts and well after the session has ended as well as throughout your day.  Unlike steady state cardio HIIT sessions can be performed using body weight only and no equipment or gym is needed, so you … Continue reading HIIT Training


Blah, blah, blah... How many times have I heard this when I take on new female clients?  Too many women are so afraid of this that when they hit the gym, they head straight to the cardio machines and spend all their time in the gym in classes or running, rowing, cycling or on a … Continue reading WEIGHTS WILL MAKE ME BULKY…