This is a great exercise to incorporate regularly into your fitness regime.  It can improve your posture and flexibility and is spot on for strengthening the core and upper and lower body, including your glutes and hamstrings.  It sculpts your waistline and massively improves your balance.

It must be performed correctly for maximum benefits.n there are many variations of the plank but start with the basic forearm plank and once mastered, try the variations like a knee plank, side plank, single leg plank, bosu ball, Swiss ball or medicine ball plank.

Plant hands directly under the shoulders and slightly wider than the shoulders
Ground your toes to the floor and use your glutes to stabilise your body
Keep your spine and neck neutral to avoid injury.  Squeeze your butt, tighten your abs, keep your knees straight and your eyes looking down slightly but not bending your neck up or down.
Hold this position as long as possible without losing form
Don’t drop your head.

Do not collapse your lower back – think straight line, core engaged at all times
Don’t reach your butt high – think straight line
Build up the seconds, forget your ego and don’t compromise on form, correct form is everything for effectiveness.  Build up to longer holds.

Happy planking…


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