Blah, blah, blah…

How many times have I heard this when I take on new female clients?  Too many women are so afraid of this that when they hit the gym, they head straight to the cardio machines and spend all their time in the gym in classes or running, rowing, cycling or on a cross trainer.  They tend to use the same equipment at the same resistance for the same length of time every visit, never pushing themselves or getting out of the comfort zone.  Yes cardio serves a purpose and works if you have a lot of weight to shift but eventually you will plateau. The plateau inevitably will happen when your body wises up?  Add poor nutritional choices into the mix and failure is on its way.

Fact is that women simply don’t have enough testosterone to gain muscle mass like men.   Weight training will  increase your metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass which is exactly what we want.  More muscles equals more calories burned which in turn will give you the sculpted feminine shape you desire.  Think “strong not skinny.”  Bye bye bingo wings and saddlebags, hello booty and toned tummy and feminine shape – now who wouldn’t want that?

So if you want a sexy, feminine curvy body rather than a skinny soft body, step away from the daily cardio sessions and make your way over to the weights area, it’s  not such a scary place.

This is where a personal trainer will become your indispensable mentor.  Any good trainer will work with you to reach your goals with a structured exercise plan and full nutritional support and offer motivation and advice at all stages.

So what are you “weighting” for 😉


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