Motivation is a key factor in staying the course. Easier said than done right? Don’t worry, we all lack motivation sometimes, be that to exercise or to eat the good stuff.  It’s really difficult in the beginning when everything is new and you are still getting your head around your new lifestyle.  So let’s look at ways of keeping you on the straight and narrow.

Finding a workout buddy really helps to keep you committed and motivated.  If you set regular times to train together you are less likely to let that person down.  A little friendly competition is also a great motivator – but leave the ego at home!

The internet is a wonderful place to do your own research to find new recipes and keep your nutrition interesting and your taste buds excited.  You really don’t need to subject yourself to bland, boring, tasteless, uninspiring foods.  Get creative and you’ll find your plan much easier.

Hiring a PT can really help to keep you in check.  Accountability is a key component in the battle to stay on track. A good PT will be there to encourage, support and push you to reach your target and to continue after reaching your target.

Changing your exercise routine will keep you interested and more importantly will keep your body guessing – our smart bods adapt to diet and exercise so it’s vital we change things up from time to time.

Losing motivation or not seeing results can be frustrating but hang in there, follow some of my tips or get in touch and I can help you with all the motivation and encouragement you need…



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