With government guidelines now recommending we consume ten portions of fruit and veg a day, we need to work out ways of getting them into our food in lots of ingenious and sneaky ways, especially  when it comes to kids.  I know it sounds like a huge amount to consume daily but it really isn’t.  If you  keep your diet fresh and healthy rather than processed it really is simple and achievable.

If you have been watching some of my posts, you will see just how easy I find it to eat my veg.  I personally only usually eat a portion of berries daily and veg throughout the day with every meal.  I start my day with grated carrots, courgettes, cauliflower or beetroot in my morning oats which already make up a fifth of the recommended daily amount.  Broccoli is a daily feature in my veg intake as is sweet potato and spinach.

Eating spinach in a salad would bump up your intake and is so easy to eat.
You can add veg to cakes, smoothies and soups and the kids wouldn’t even notice.  Chocolate beetroot brownies and sweet potato brownies are a winner in my house and no one ever guesses the hidden ingredient.



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