Fad, fast diets could be the reason you aren’t getting the results.  They are normally very low calorie, nutrient deficient and eventually cause major hunger and massive cravings.  Initially you will see some results but eventually the weight remains the same.  This then leads to your motivation fading and imminent rebounding and gaining weight which is exactly the opposite of what you were looking to achieve when you started.

Why, you may ask yourselves.  Well, our bodies are super smart and quickly adapt and compensate by burning less calories and holding onto more, also referred to as survival or preservation mode.  This in turn means you will not be burning fat.

As crazy as it may sound to anyone who has spent years yo yo dieting but eating more means burning more and conversely eating less means burning less.  Naturally, this doesn’t mean I am giving you a license to stuff yourself with ice cream pizzas and the like but switching to nutrient dense, satisfying food is the way forward in the battle to burn fat.

The most important factor is to start with working out your bodies daily calorie needs then working out a plan based on what your specific goals.
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