No doubt, if you are into fitness, you will have heard this term from time to time.  What is it and what does it mean?  Also often referred to IIFYM – if it fits your macros.  Remember macros are macronutrients  i.e PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS.

In regular “diets” you will be encouraged to count calories and we now know  all calories  are not created equal.  Flexible dieting allows you to track macronutrients.  You start by figuring out how many calories you need to be consuming daily then set your  macros according to your goals which makes this way of eating much more flexible and easy to follow and allows you to gain a much better understanding of food.

Most diets are pretty much generic, a one size fits all kind of plan and are usually unrealistic and do not  take into consideration your goals therefore becoming unsustainable.  They tend to be completely inflexible and difficult to fit into ones daily life.  If a plan is completely rigid, in my opinion, it normally results in overeating or giving up.  These diets also seem to forget to take into consideration someone’s lifestyle.  If you are sat at a desk all day, you will need to consume less calories than someone who exercises five times a week or has a physically demanding job.

Although it can be quite difficult to understand everything when you first start this way of eating, before you know it, you will be a complete pro!  Of course it is important that you try and remain consistent to get full benefits.  This way of eating also gives you complete flexibility to eat what you want within your daily macronutrient count so you can eat with your family without feeling deprived.  Now go install your  food login app, I highly recommend My Fitness Pal and become part of the Flexible crew…



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