HIIT Training

HIIT  really is very time efficient form of exercise which  boosts metabolism by burning more calories through intense dynamic workouts and well after the session has ended as well as throughout your day.  Unlike steady state cardio HIIT sessions can be performed using body weight only and no equipment or gym is needed, so you really have no excuses.

A combination of high intensity, short burst exercises, where you exert lots of energy followed by short active recovery, maintaining heart rate at a slightly elevated rate to regain energy before starting another explosive burst of exercise.  During HIIT your body is temporarily starved of oxygen and when you have finished your HIIT session your body utilises so much energy to replace energy and oxygen stores, that this in turn burns more calories during and after sessions.  Your lung capacity will improve very quickly due to the intensity of the sessions.  These dynamic HIIT sessions are hugely beneficial at shredding fat and improving fitness levels very quickly and create a visibly transformed body.

If you have never tried this kind of training, now is the time to start.  For anyone who doesn’t have time to exercise, this really is for you.

Most importantly this will give your bodies metabolism a huge boost during the workout and then after.  HIIT keeps your body guessing which is just what we want.
HIIT can be applied to running whereby you would sprint at maximum speed for twenty seconds then recover for ten to twenty seconds with a walk and repeat twenty times.  Hill sprints are a killer! Trust me when I say these intervals will be the longest twenty seconds of your life, but SO effective and worth the pain.  Apply the same to rowing, cross trainers, steppers or circuit.

Look out for my home HIIT and gym HIIT sessions coming soon…


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