Our metabolism plays a huge part in the function of our super smart bodies.  The word itself describes the chemical process that goes on in our bodies to convert food and drink into energy. This process is known as BMR, basal metabolic rate.

People often blame slow metabolism on weight gain when in fact it is more often than not, due to eating and drinking more calories than you are expending,  think calories in to calories out.

I am sure you are all aware that as we get on in years and become FABUPLUS our metabolism slows down, we gain more fat and lose more muscle.  Whilst metabolism slows down,  the grey hairs and wrinkles speed up…  Out of all these evils, metabolism is quite a simple one to fix, actually grey hairs are quite simple too, hair dye or shave it all off, problem solved!

Now I don’t want to alarm you but it is said that the average woman will gain a pound and a half a year in her adult life, scary prospect right?  It doesn’t have to be this way though.  Take control of this early enough, and we can combat the middle age spread by boosting metabolism, then we can regain our energy and make our body run much more efficiently and get back to baby sleep patterns.

As you know I am 48 years young and manage to maintain my weight and indeed waistline by eating the right foods and little and often rather than three big meals which my body would have trouble breaking down.  I tend to eat five or six meals a day.  Overeating isn’t really a problem for me because I graze throughout the day which keeps hunger at bay.  I personally find going too long without food makes my energy levels really low and generally lead me to overeat at meal times and make poor food choices.

I know, I know I hear you saying I don’t have time to eat five or six times a day, but the key is in preparation.   Kick start your metabolism with a healthy breakfast to avoid mid morning slumps that find you grabbing a choccy bar.

In my experience the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight is to drastically cut calories which essentially slows down your metabolism, the complete opposite of what we want to do.  By under eating your body will slow down the rate in which it burns those calories you have consumed as it needs to save them for energy.

So my advice in short is look at what and when you eat and start moving more to use up some of the calories you are consuming and you will start to see the changes.  A good start point is to workout your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and figure out approximately how many calories you should be consuming and take away calories for weight loss and keep the calories for maintenance.

There are some foods and drinks that are said to boost metabolism, I will post something about this in the coming weeks and use some in my recipes.



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