I am always amazed at the variety of foods that are now readily available in supermarkets and health food shops.  What amazes me the most is that as a daughter of Italian immigrants, when my parents first came to the UK over fifty years ago, the only place they could buy olive oil, a staple of every Italians store cupboard essentials, was from a pharmacy!!!  All regular supermarkets shelves now seem to stock EVERYTHING and are representative of the fantastic multi cultural society we live in.

I popped into my local health food shops today and if you haven’t been to one recently,  put it on your list of things to do in your spare time, even if it’s only to have a look at the diverse foods available.

Some fab Planet Organic produce.

It’s a shame all supermarkets don’t look like my local Planet Organic, the store invites you in from the cold and gives you a metaphorical warm hug.  The store stocks a beautiful array of some of the most unusual and new exciting produce available, some things that you may have never heard of or would rather never eat.

I mustered up the courage to not only buy, but then to try, protein bars made with, wait for it… Cricket powder and I am not alking the sport cricket but the bugs, think Jimini Cricket.

I also loved the toasted watermelon seeds which was a first for me and the wonderful selection of beans, pulses and dried fruits and nuts.planet2.jpg

Seeing all these goodies totally inspires you to eat healthily and try something new and most of all, to be creative and we all need a little of that inspiration sometimes.



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