SLEEP – we all need it

When I look back at my fitness and nutrition journey, I can see that there really have been some huge benefits for me.  There are the obvious ones, improved body shape and with that comes confidence, better, clearer skin and better focus. As well as all these benefits I also gained immense mental clarity.  Working out, whether it was in a gym, outside or at home was “me” time, time to shut myself off from life’s everyday stress and strains and focusing just on me.  It has been a constant in my life.

My ability to do this brought about the biggest benefit for me which was improved sleep.  I sleep a straight eight hours every night and wake up feeling totally refreshed and re charged ready to take on the world with my superwoman cape.

Our bodies need sleep to aid muscle recovery and a lack of it can cause an increase in cortisol which is the stress hormone that can make it very difficult to lose weight.

Not getting enough of the good stuff can really affect your performance at work, home and gym and cause massive highs and lows.

During the war, sleep deprivation was used as a form of torture and I can totally see how that would have the desired effect!

My advice, get your zzzz’s in.


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