It’s a huge problem for many of us and another topic we shy away from discussing – bloating and windy pops.

Bloating can make you feel and look awful, but the good news is you don’t have to live with this curse.There are many causes and it really is worth taking the time out to look at your diet and try and pin point what is creating excess gas and bloating.

Are you constipated?  This could be a cause of bloating and a simple solution is to up your fibre intake and drink plenty of water.  If you notice bloating is worse after eating wheat or dairy maybe you are gluten or lactose intolerant.  Try to omit these from your diet and see if that makes a difference or perhaps look at a food intolerance test.

Taking time to chew your food properly and not rushing your meals can make a huge difference.  Chewing gum can also be a culprit in bloating so cut that out to see if that is the problem.   Another cause  may be artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks.  Big meals are a HUGE problem too.  Imagine how hard your body has to work to process huge amounts of food, so it’s better to eat smaller meals more often.
Finally, certain veg and pulses can wreak havoc on our intestinal system, so see what works for you through a process of elimination.

There are also lots of foods you can incorporate into your diet that may ease the pain and discomfort of bloating.  Peppermint tea and peppermint oil, parsley, as well as ginger and probiotics are fantastic as they put healthy bacteria back into our system.

The bottom line, no pun intended, is you don’t have to live with this.



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