It seems these days, trying to live a healthy lifestyle comes at a considerable cost to individuals whilst choosing an unhealthy route gets rewarded with all kinds of benefits.  If you want to eat organic food, there comes a high price.  If you want to buy supplements to support your healthy lifestyle, your are taxed on them.

I chose to lead my lifestyle the way I do in the hope that I can live an active and healthy lifestyle as long as possible.  Yes of course, life can throw a curve ball at you and other external factors may lead to health issues but hopefully taking the correct measure NOW, will aid me in the future and more importantly put less of a strain on the already overstretched NHS system.

Now this may seem slightly controversial to some or perhaps to many but why not put a tax on products that lead to unhealthy lifestyle and in turn to illness in some cases chronic illnesses that can be reversed through healthy choices?  Whether you like it or not, obesity and the problems associated with unhealthy living are costing the NHS millions of pounds.  Education should start in schools and followed through at home, something that would  hugely benefit kids and the system.

Perhaps adding tax to fast food, something that the government want to try and enforce is the way forward but let’s also look at supermarkets and their BOGOF deals on crap, over processed high fat foods encourage lower income families to buy these products in bulk.  Let’s tax the supermarkets who stock this stuff.



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