Now this may come as a big shock to you but it’s actually easier to keep yourself in great shape all year round than having to endure the pain and misery of trying to get in shape for the wedding, holiday or big birthday.  This is always a busy time of year for me as is the start of each year.  Summer throws people into beach panic, the fear of exposing their bodies on a beach and the start of each year follows the sudden realisation that the over indulgence of Christmas Day has actually gone on for the whole of December and the New Years resolutions panic kicks in…

Seriously guys, it really is so much easier to reign yourself back from going off the rails temporarily than it is to come back from a lifetime of overindulging.  It is such hard work trying to motivate yourself to get off your a**e and find the motivation to make the change when it feels like you have a mountain to climb, however, if the mountain is a molehill, see where I am going with this?

It’s all about reaching your goal slowly and steadily then following up with a simple maintenance programme.

Yes, yes, you can still have a life but hopefully once you have learnt some basic fundamentals of nutrition and exercise, the maintenance year long will be easy to follow.

Try and keep yourself in check daily, all be it 80% good and 20% “bad” and the fix is easier.  Its about consistency and discipline…..



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