The mind is such a powerful thing and controls every aspect of our lives.  This is particularly true when it comes to getting fit.  You see, if you tell yourself you can’t cut out alcohol, or chocolate or can’t find time to exercise, then you’ll never reach your goals.  Take a positive approach, tell yourself you can and trust me you will.  YOUR mind  is your only limit.

I really believe that before you try and fix your body, you really need to focus on fixing your mind.  It’s about re-programming your brain and gaining knowledge and understanding of a few basics.  Train the brain to understand food is NOT the enemy. Shrinking your size is not the key to your happiness if you don’t fix what your brain tells you.

Once again, the media doesn’t help us by constantly bombarding us with images of highly photoshopped celebs and models and one week telling us carbs will make us fat, coconut oil is good for you then it’s bad for you.  So much information and mixed messages to decipher – is it any wonder our brains are so fried?

My advice to you is gain control of your thoughts and everything else will come together.



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