Yes it happens to us all and could well be the reason we aren’t hitting your health and fitness targets.  That extra handful of nuts that you are snacking on or the extra glug of oil you are free pouring on your salad may well be sabotaging your goals.

My weakness as you all know is nut butter of any kind.  I have a real weakness for nutty crack.  Next time you spread the nutty love on your toast, try and weigh your portion size then check the macronutrients  – you will probably be shocked!

I’m not suggesting you need to measure out every single thing you are consuming but if you have a goal, be mindful of exactly what you are munching and snacking on.  If you lose sight of the little snacks here and there, before you know it and without a thought, you may be adding an additional 400 or 500 calories per day which would amount to as much as an extra 3500 calories a week which over a month really adds up!



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