In spite of the soggy weather today, doggy walk and farmers market calls.  Actually should have called this post Soggy Muddy Doggy and Sunday shopping..

I think I mentioned it before but I really L❤️VE living in London and love everything that it has to offer. The endless niche shops and boutiques and the wonderful farmers markets with artisan food specialists and great array of organic meats, fruit, veggies and fish.

Having had small businesses in the past, I think it’s really important to support local businesses and entrepreneurs.  We live in a corporate society that doesn’t really value the underdog and the underdog really deserves a shout out.

I guess what I am saying is, small business I salute you.  Farmers market stall holders I take my hat off to you.  Come rain, cold or shine, you are there peddling your wonderful wares.  Keep doing what you are doing, I for one love it and let’s not forget to mention Castro my soggy doggy whose Sunday wouldn’t be complete without out a visit to Giggly Pig stall holders for his sausage …



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